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13-15 July 2021

2021 Beneficial Use of Dredged Material Virtual Workshop

POCS: Amanda Trittenger (ERDC CHL) and Kelsey Fall (ERDC CHL)

Representatives from USACE HQ, USACE Divisions, USACE Districts, and USACE ERDCs’ Environmental (EL) and Coastal Hydraulics (CHL) Laboratories came together and participated in a virtual workshop on the beneficial use (BU) of dredged sediments. The overall goal was to organize the BU community across USACE and develop a path forward to increase BU practices. Talks and discussions focused on the current status of BU across USACE, including success stories on innovative BU projects, challenges related to regulatory issues, state and federal policies, technical logistics, and stakeholder engagement, as well opportunities for expanding current practices to include more regular and innovative BU applications.

The workshop was co-hosted by Dr. Amanda Tritinger (ERDC-CHL) and Dr. Kelsey Fall (ERDC-CHL) on behalf of the EWN®, RSM and CIRP research programs. The workshop concluded by introducing and awarding the first annual Timothy L. Welp Award for Advancing Beneficial Use of Dredged Sediments, to recognize teams (with members across and outside of USACE) that have advanced progress on beneficial use through collaboration, partnering, innovation. More award information at the link by following the link below.