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Replacement Fill

    Dredged material may be used as a replacement fill when the physical qualities are superior to soils near the dredging site. In industrial fill sites, peat and clayish soils are usually removed and replaced by sand or other granular dredged material to improve physical properties needed to meet building requirements. Weak soils may be replaced with sand from construction of tunnels, bridges, fairways, and ports. Fine-grained soils do not have the necessary physical properties for industrial fill in most civil works projects; however, green areas or parks may be suitable applications. Some examples of replacement fills include:
    • Filling holes in the landscape left from gravel or clay mining.
    • Removal of soft layers so that an area is reclaimed with dredged sand.
    • Trenching peat or soft clay and filling with sand to get a more stable layer of soil; for example, for abutments, tunnels, roads, and railways.
    • Filling obsolete canals and docks to improve the use of the land.

    Recommended Sediment Types

    • Rock
    • Gravel and sand
    • Mixture

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