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Historical Area Remediation Site (HARS), New Jersey

Beneficial Uses: Capping
Lead Agency: New York District
Placement Date(s): HARS designated in September 1997
Location: Off the coast of Sandy Hook, New Jersey, within the inner New York Bight.
Placement Method: Open ocean dumping
Substrate Type: Category I sediments; defined as clean, uncontaminated sediments that cause no adverse biological effects, including bio-accumulation.
Project Size: During the period from HARS designation in 1997 to 31 October 2000, 13 dredging projects (approximately 4.3 million cubic yards of dredged material) have been used to remediate the HARS.
Monitoring: The Site Management and Monitoring Plan (SMMP) for the HARS was developed for management of ocean dredged material disposal sites. The SMMP provides guidelines to monitor placement activities, assess the progress of remediation, analyze environmental conditions, and address potential environmental issues. See links.
Comments: Clean material dredged from the New York and New Jersey Harbor is used to cover existing contaminated sediments at the designated Historic Area Remediation Site (HARS). The capping of contaminated sediments with cleaner sediments dredged from the Harbor that satisfy the criteria of the Ocean Dumping Act. Placement of this material at the HARS will serve to remediate the site by reducing impacts to acceptable levels and improving habitat conditions for bottom-dwelling organisms.
  • USACE New York District - DMMP Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material
  • USACE New York District - HARS--Historic Area Remediation Site
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