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Port of Los Beach Channel Deepening Project Los Angeles County, California

Beneficial Uses: Capping
A portion of the project was used to perform the Palos Verdes Shelf Pilot Capping Project.
Lead Agency: Los Angeles District
Placement Date(s): Construction completed 2002
Location: San Pedro Bay, California
Placement Method: Hydraulic, split-hull barge
Substrate Type: Silty sands
Energy Source: Pacific Ocean
Project Size: 5.6 million cubic yards total, approximately 120,000 cubic yards used for Palos Verdes Shelf Pilot Capping Project
Monitoring: None associated with the Port of Long Beach Channel Deepening Project.
Comments: Very large channel deepening project. The project deepens the Entrance Channel at the Port of Long Beach -76' MLLW. A portion of the dredged materials was provided to the USEPA for use in the Palos Verdes Pilot Capping Project. Details provided separately.

  • USACE and POLB (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers & Port of Long Beach) (1995.) "Port of Long Beach Main Channel Deepening Environmental Impact Statement/Environmental Impact Report"
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