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    Aquaculture of coastal fish, shellfish, and other species is a rapidly expanding worldwide industry. The expansion of aquaculture has led to a shortage of suitable sites in many areas, especially coastal sites. Lack of access, legal constraints, competing land uses, and high land costs have limited aquaculture development for many locations. One way these constraints may be overcome is to use maintenance dredged material containment areas for aquaculture.

    Aquaculture is a promising beneficial use because aquaculture ponds and dredged material containment areas share many design characteristics. Common features include perimeter levees to retain water, construction on relatively impervious soils, and control structures for water discharge and drainage. Both types of facilities have similar regulatory and permitting requirements for construction and operation, and both types of facilities include locations adjacent to waterways in coastal areas, often on large tracts of land and near transportation routes and major markets.

    Recommended Sediment Types

    • Consolidated clay
    • Silt/soft clay
    • Mixture


    • Tatem, H. E. (1990.) "Determination of the chemical suitability of a dredged material containment area for aquaculture ," Technical Report EL-90-12, U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, MS., NTIS No. AD A231 839


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